dune buggy

A teaser from Volkswagen for the Geneva Motor Show with an electric dune buggy.

Electric mobility is the future, but Volkswagen wants to bring back the past in vogue, clearly electrified. After presenting the electric Bulli (now called ID Buzz) we move to the electric dune buggy: it will be unveiled totally at the Geneva Motor Show, which will be held from 7 to 17 March. The return of a classic leisure vehicle, but with modern design and technology. The vehicle will take advantage of the Meb modular electric platform, used precisely by the group for the ID family models.

Klaus Bischoff, head of design at Volkswagen, said that the dune buggy is more than just a car, but also vitality and passion on four wheels. The e-buggy will be a modern revision, for a car so simple that it renounces the fixed roof and the classic doors. The wheels are uncovered and equipped with off-road tires, in addition to having the sides open. The type of configuration or the batteries were chosen for this concept is not yet clear.

The prototype would demonstrate for Volkswagen that it can succeed in producing more broadly and in addition to large-scale production. The electric modular platform would, therefore, have the potential to bring to light even niche products with smaller volumes. He will start producing the ID bus. Buzz in 2022 but clearly it is not yet known when the production of the electric buggy could start.

In any case, the modularity of the Meb platform will in the future allow the company to make sustainable the construction of vehicles with reduced commercial impact, even only to promote the brand image. The concept is inspired by Meyers Manx, which is the first buggy made in 1964 by Bruce Meyers.

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