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Tesla has inserted a nice Easter egg in his app all dedicated to the famous saga of Back to the Future.

Fans of the Back to the Future saga can only appreciate the Easter egg that Tesla has carefully hidden in its official smartphone app, the one that allows you to remotely control your electric cars. The company of Elon Musk is certainly not new to the inclusion of some Easter eggs in the software of its cars but in this case, has achieved something very special.

To unlock the ‘ Easter egg of Tesla dedicated to the saga of Back to the Future the procedure is a bit’ complicated. In fact, it is necessary that the autonomy of the car displayed within the app reaches the exact 121 miles. At that point, users will need to press the battery icon directly from the app to unlock this curious hidden feature. Pressed the icon, the application will change quickly clothes by inserting many references to the famous science fiction movie. For example, the 121 miles of residual autonomy will turn into 1.21 GW which was the necessary amount of energy to allow time travel to the DeLorean.

Immediately below the power indicator, the word “Time Circuits On” will appear indicating that the time circuits are switched on and ready to operate. Also, the vehicle’s position has been changed to 1600 S Azusa Ave Rowland Heights, which was an important location for filming the film.Tesla

The app reports that an appointment was scheduled with technical assistance for November 5, 1955, the day Doc Brown hit his head and discovered the channeling flow. Given that it is also that of the first time travel of the protagonist of the saga.

The Tesla vehicle name has also been modified by inserting the number 88, probably a reference to the speed, in miles per hour, necessary to make the time jump. In addition, the app also changes the car type in a Model X, it probably remembers that the DeLorean possessed very similar to the Falcon Wing doors of the Model X.

Finally, the version of the car software shows 1985 as the year when the first film was released.

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