Xiaomi M365

Zimperium has discovered a bug in the Bluetooth module of the Xiaomi M365 that allows you to lock, brake or accelerate the scooter remotely.


In many cities, there are many alternative means of transport, including electric scooters. One of the most popular is the Xiaomi M365, also sold in Italy at 399.99 euros. However, the Zimperium researchers discovered a bug in the Bluetooth module that allows remote control and various dangerous operations for the user. Unfortunately, the resolution of the problem is more complicated than expected.

The Xiaomi M365 is an electric scooter that is easy to transport (foldable) with an aerospace aluminum frame, double braking system with ABS and a battery of 18.650 mAh that guarantees a range of 30 km. The integrated Bluetooth module is used for connection to an app that allows you to read the driving data (speed, autonomy and battery charge), update the firmware and activate the Cruise Control. There is also an anti-theft system, the functionality used by the software house to prove the existence of the bug.

As you can see in the video you can lock the scooter from a maximum distance of about 100 meters. Simply use an ad hoc app that scans Bluetooth to find the device and run all the commands without entering the password. Because of the bug, the password is validated only by the application, while the Bluetooth module does not keep track of the authentication status.

An attacker could block the scooter in traffic, brake or accelerate suddenly and install an infected firmware. The proof-of-concept code called Xiaomi M365 Locker. Zimperium has also developed a firmware that increases the speed without the user’s knowledge but has not been published for obvious security reasons.

The researchers informed Xiaomi about the discovery, but the Chinese manufacturer replied that the Bluetooth module software was developed by a third-party company. Therefore it can not solve the bug in a short time. Waiting for the solution, Zimperium suggests connecting the smartphone to the scooter before departure. This will block access to other apps.

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